SPM132 is a series of compact permanent magnet motors/generators (PMS, PMAC) which are very versatile. These motors are designed to be efficient, robust and enduring while still compact. Advanced design of these machines offers a larger power concentration and extremely high efficiency.

SPM132 motor series is developed for demanding applications where a powerful but reliable machine is necessary, which requires minimum maintenance. These motors have proved to be enduring in the hardest conditions like demining and are reliable equipment with a long lifespan. Minimal power dissipation and high power to volume ratio are just some of the benefits these machines have to offer.

SPM132 is optimal for industrial variable speed drives application and electro propulsion solutions, from marine applications to electric vehicles. Smaller dimensions, less energy consumption, less vibration and lower noise will make your driving experience more comfortable, while leaving no carbon footprint.

All synchronous motors with permanent magnets are also generators. SPM132 series can be used as a generator for compact gensets, wind turbines, small hydropower plants or as an motor/generator for hybrid propulsion systems.

All power rating in the catalog are rated for S1 continuous operation.


  • Marine Propulsion
  • Electric Vehicle Propulsion
  • Industry
  • Power generation
  • Mining Operations
  • Oil industry
  • Pumps
  • Compressors
  • Cranes
  • winches
  • elevators


  • Nominal Speed:
    3600 RPM
  • Nominal Power Rating:
    10 – 60 KW
  • Nominal Torque At Zero Speed:
    70 – 205 Nm
  • Voltage Range:
    48 – 450 Vdc
  • Gross Weight:
    70 – 148 Kg
  • Cooling:
    Water or Air Cooling