Mobile Equipment

Demining and firefighting equipment

TEMA motors are made for use in the harshest conditions where they prove their endurance and reliability day after day. For the requirements of the unmanned demining, remotely controlled units created by Dok-Ing, TEMA has developed motors that withstand extreme conditions and meet the most demanding standards.

This is why these units are the ones used throughout the world from deserts to tropical areas, and their quality has been acknowledged by many countries defence associations.

TEMA has also developed motors and generators for Dok-Ing’s firefighting unmanned units. These units are capable of directly entering the area affected by the fire and put it out from the inside, while its motors are able to withstand all the conditions the unit might come across.

Electric cars

Croatia’s first electric car, XD, has been completely developed in Dok-Ing and it uses TEMA motors. The SPM132 compact design allows it to accommodate two or four motors, and its extraordinary energy efficiency has increased the autonomy of the car.

The large nominal power and the triple peak power of the TEMA motors give XD the possibility to perform as a sports car while being compact as a town car.

TEMA offers complete propulsion packages for cars, which include all the components necessary to convert your car into an electric vehicle.


The mining industry is undergoing revolutionary changes, all in order to access resources which are harder and harder to extract. The radio controlled unit has been created in order to minimize human casualties and to make it possible for the machine to access the most impassable mines.

TEMA motors are used in these units because they maintain their full torque throughout the entire RPM range, also they are robust but have a light frame and precise controls. This unit needs to be compact and very low in height in order to pass through every tunnel, this is another reason why compact TEMA SPM132 motors are used in them.