Power Generation


When paired with a diesel engine, TEMA generators become excellent PMG units, smaller and lighter than other competitive products, and still offer more power. Generators such as these are highly efficient, extraordinarily long-lasting and reliable.

PMG generator units are perfect for charging batteries, and their variable operating speed reduces the consumption of fossil fuels by adapting their RPM to the needs of the system.

When paired with water cooled marine diesel engines, TEMA PM generators are optimal for use on boats because they require less space in the engine room and less maintenance. In combination with standard air cooled diesel engines, they are optimal for extreme conditions wherever there is a need for a reliable power source.

Wind Turbines

Wind turbines require high efficiency generators in order to get the maximum energy from the wind.

From high powered low RPM generators on direct drive systems to sophisticated solutions with high RPM multiplier – TEMA has the required generator.

Delivery of stator and rotor are possible for OEM applications.

Small Hydro Powerplants

Small hydroelectric plants, whether they are free-flowing or floating, require the most advanced PM generator technology in order to extract the maximum out of the river flow. Climate change influences river flows, making them smaller and more unstable. These are the perfect conditions for generators with permanent magnets that give more power even when the river flow is reduced, and thanks to variable RPM they still produce the largest possible amount of electricity even at unstable flow of the river .

TEMA offers solutions for direct drive systems that work on low RPM, and for the systems that are attached to multipliers when more power is required. Delivery of stator and rotor are possible for OEM applications.