Industrial Equipment

Cranes and Winches

TEMA PM motors have a remarkably high energy efficiency, which contributes to energy saving and lover expenses in the applications they are used in. Apart from their light frame, reliability and longevity, TEMA PM motors have properties which are perfectly suitable for usage in cranes and winches: the full momentum which goes from zero to the maximum when lifting the load, very precise electronic control of the RPM and electric braking system which enables coming to a soft stop.

When sudden braking is necessary under full load, the TEMA motors maintain full torque, which mechanically simplifies the design and increases the lifespan of the product.

Metal Bending

Precise control, electronic stopping, and vibration-free operation are the unique properties of permanent magnet motors, which are perfectly suited for tools and machinery for metal bending. The full momentum of the motor throughout the RPM range makes it possible to simplify mechanical design without using a gearbox.

TEMA offers motors in special housings, or individual components (stators, rotors) for easier use in OEM applications.

Oil and Gas

Oil and gas rigs are located in extreme conditions which affects the operation of the machinery. That is why it is necessary to implement new motors and pumps with long life spans and minimum maintenance requirements.

TEMA motors have no rotor windings and thanks to the special rotor design with low inertia the bearing life cycle is prolonged, this makes these motors almost maintenance free.