MWB400 is a special series of permanent magnet torque motors/generators (PMS, PMAC) uniquely designed with an external rotor and internal stator. This feature makes them suitable for specific and innovative applications with fewer problems in the complex mechanical design. The advanced design of these motors enables them very high torque, high power at low RPM, low working temperature, wide range of constant power and high power to volume ratio.

The MWB400 series is developed for defence and heavy duty transport applications where the external rotor has been mounted directly into the wheel of the vehicle, but they are optimal also for a wide range of OEM applications.

All synchronous motors with permanent magnets can be used also as generators. The MWB400 series is a great choice for generators that need to be compactly mounted in various applications. Because of the external rotor and high power at low RPM, it is best suited for direct drive applications like small hydropower plants and wind turbines.


  • Marine applications
  • Electric vehicles
  • Industrial application
  • Power generation
  • Wind Power
  • Oil industry
  • Mining
  • winches
  • Cranes
  • Elevators


  • Nominal Speed:
    320 RPM
  • Nominal Power Rating:
    10 – 150 KW
  • Nominal Torque At Zero Speed:
    225 – 2000 Nm
  • Constant Power/Voltage Speed Range:
    100 – 1000 RPM
  • Voltage Range:
    220 – 380 Vac
  • Cooling:
    Water or Air Cooling