TEMA has many years of experience in the marine industry. TEMA motors have been developed for the marine industry and that makes them the best choice for this application.

TEMA motors and generators are extremely reliable and robust, and they demonstrate all the advantages of permanent magnet technology in marine propulsion systems. The amount of energy saved by using advanced electric propulsion is impressive, as you sail quietly, without vibrations or impacting the environment by releasing greenhouse gases.

TEMA marine electric motors are compatible with Z-drive, L-drive, sail drive and water jets, which means they cover power requirements of small boats to larger ships, and mega yachts (10 KW – 1000 KW). The advantages of electric propulsion can be best observed in the direct drive system, where the motor is directly connected to the propeller axis.

TEMA has years of marine industry experience, and can determine what the best option is for your specific needs, create estimates, and offer a complete propulsion system with an e-motor, its controller and all the necessary components.

Marine Electric Propulsion System

TEMA marine propulsion system is compact, quiet, vibration free, maintenance free, reliable and environmentally friendly. TEMA e-motors are permanent magnet motors, which enables them premium efficiency – above 95%, high power to volume ratio and small weight.

TEMA e-motors are brushless, while the bearings are calculated for the most demanding applications and slightly oversized. This brings the maintenance of the e-motor to a minimum. The motor is air-cooled, so there is no need for pumps, heat exchangers, filters and cooling liquids which require a yearly maintenance.

TEMA marine propulsion system is optimal for direct drive, where all the advantages of electric propulsion are most obvious. There is no gearbox, clutch or belt drive. This simplifies the installation and increases the complete boat efficiency.

The maneuvering is done with a drive by wire system, similar to modern cars. TEMA e-motors have full torque from zero RPM which increases the maneuvering characteristic even at slow speeds.The entire system is simple plug and play which makes the instalation simple and safe.

This marine propulsion system is also available with a specially developed saildrive for e-motors.

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